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Dreaming a new world into Being

All systems must eventually collapse, per universal law (not to mention the physical law of entropy). Those whose individual parts do not value and honor the integrity of the whole must collapse even faster — this is true of everything from the physical body to relationships to whole societies and their political/economic structures. How do we know the integrity of the whole is not being honored? When one part holds itself to be more valuable or worthy of resources than any other, and behaves accordingly.

We see this echoed over and over. In the body, cancer serves its own needs at the expense of all other systems; if the imbalance cannot be rectified, the whole body dies. A relationship in which one partner exploits another cannot survive except through coercion or deception. An overexploited planet must raze and radically reorganize its systems. A society in which a few derive great privilege and resources from the collective efforts of many is similarly destined to war, famine, or some other calamity. It cannot be otherwise.

We do it to ourselves, because thus far humanity’s evolution has proceeded mostly unconsciously (i.e., the hard way). Those tremors we now feel are the underlying rot of unsustainable systems being exposed to daylight — so that it may be treated and potentially healed. If it cannot be, we will witness its necessary destruction. The good news is that everything that dies will rise in some new form.

In terms of thoughtforms, this means that we can use the energy of thought to shape what comes next. Clinging to the old systems, as some keep trying to do, never works; (I challenge anyone to point to a non-sustainable system that kept itself alive by force in order to outlive its natural lifespan. Take slavery, for example. The United States as a nation owes its very existence to the stolen labor of people who were not allowed to serve their own needs and highest aspirations. When those conditions could no longer hold, it resulted in the Civil War. And yet slavery of a race of people was eventually replaced by a system of less-visible enslavement of economic restraint, which is now also teetering on the verge of catastrophic collapse.)

We can invoke the thoughtforms of sustainability and holistic health for not just our local populace but the whole of humanity and the planet. At some point -- perhaps due to another world war or pandemic -- the collective consciousness will be forced to flash forward to the understanding that we are, as humans, one whole, interdependent organism. All of us thrive, or none of us do.

When we then extend that understanding to each other -- and care for eachother as we do for ourselves -- we create the Namaste Consciousness of mutual recognition and support of each other as aspects of Divine manifestation. By holding true to our highest and best principles we can shape the best possible conditions for the new world about to born. ~Rishika


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