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Yoga Ignition

Online intensive course

Studio yoga (asana) classes are just the start of your journey into the greater system of Yogic classes. Asana -- the physical postures -- constitutes just one limb of Patanjali's eight-limbed system of yoga. Unfortunately, the limitations of time and format in asana class prevent those of us who teach it to include much about the remaining (and arguably more important) seven limbs.  


I created the Yoga Ignition course to pick up where studio classes leave off. It's structured as a six-week intensive program of study designed to help you develop a personal practice outside the studio. (You can, of course, take longer than six weeks to complete it.)


Yoga Ignition will help you develop the discipline and wisdom to place asana practice -- your work on the mat -- in its proper context as a support to your deeper journey into spiritual Awakening and the nature of reality.


Although it is not a teacher training course, Yoga Ignition will introduce you to many of the deeper and more esoteric concepts that form the context from which we teachers guide you in asana. With this added wisdom, you'll be able to maximize your benefits from any asana class you take, no matter the style.

This course is a compendium of my life's work and practice and there's far too much content to detail here, so hop on over the course website for more information on: 

You'll also find some handy downloads there on Tips for Better Meditation and a roundup of signs and symptoms for those who have begun the Awakening process. 

You invest too much time, effort, and emotional energy into your asana practice to simply stop short of getting the full benefits of Yoga. Find out what you've been missing ... take the Yogic Ignition course!


Love and namaste, Rishika

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