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Yoga Instruction 

Strengthening, tuning, and caring for your physical vessel.

Public classes and private instruction
Yoga Class

YOGA: I teach Vinyasa Flow, Power (Vigorous Vinyasa), and Restorative Yoga

Asana -- practice of the physical yoga postures -- can yield spectacular physical results (just browse Instagram), but that's not the primary reason we practice. The ultimate purpose of yoga class is not to beautify our physical containers, but to prepare and tune them to be able to support higher states of Consciousness as we progress toward Realization of our Divine True Nature.


I want your yoga practice to meet you where you are right now, to maintain and improve your optimal level of comfortable mobility, regardless of your body's age or history. You are always welcome to intensify or modify as appropriate in all postures, with a focus on alignment over depth.


My style is compassionate, supportive and completely free of judgment or pressure to achieve a particular shape. Browse my public class schedule here.

Private instruction


I will teach you or your small group (up to 6 students) a 60- to 70-minute, customizable class at your location in the La Ventana/El Sargento area. All you need is a suitable practice area, preferably sheltered from sun and wind.

One week advance notice preferred, but I will do my best to accommodate last minute requests. Contact me for additional details or to book a session.

Price for Private Yoga: $75 per class up to 4 students; $10 per additional student.

Private yoga
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