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Fall fire: Yoga Ignition online yoga course is now live

A seated Yogi bowing to the mat.
The Yoga Ignition Course will help you maximize your practice of asana so you can make real progress off the mat.

Greetings yogis! Fall is when we put fresh fire into our practice. Classes are back on in El Sargento for those of you who are local (schedule is here), and my new Yoga Ignition online intensive course is live.

What is Yoga Ignition? The shortest answer to that question is that it’s everything I wish I could teach you in asana class but can’t due to lack of time and “bandwidth.” What we typically call “yoga class” teaches you asana, but asana is just a small part of a full practice of capital-Y Yoga. And if you’re not practicing the other 7 limbs of Patanjali’s 8-limbed system, you’re not getting all the benefits of the practice of Yoga as a scientific system.

Yoga, of course, encompasses a vast collection of styles, practices, and deep wisdom gleaned from many traditions (including mainstream religions); if you’re a beginning Yogi or even have some years of practice behind you, it can be difficult to know where and how to dive in and go deeper.

The good news is that all the yogic practices work together in ways that have been well studied and proven over millennia by generations of dedicated Yogis. You can prove them to yourself as well, which is the ultimate purpose of practice. My course offers you an approach that can save you years of trial and error by guiding you to what works, and by teaching you how to customize your own personal practice to most suit your individual needs as you progres.

This is not an asana-intensive course, although it of course includes some discussion of asana. But more important, you’ll learn how to use pranayama, mantra, and other Hatha yoga practices such as the shatkarmas in your routine to maximize the effects of the asana you’re already doing.

Who should take this course?

You, if you feel a call to go deeper into the Yogic practices and sense you may be spinning your wheels in asana class.

You, if you sense meditation holds the answers you seek but you don’t know how to access them.

You, if you’ve had difficulty finding teachers who can guide you to the next level.

You, if you want to be able to walk into an asana class and own your practice instead of being subject to the whims of a teacher who may have less time on the mat than you do.

I offer you my 30+ years of experience on mat as both practitioner and teacher, and my ongoing commitment to your growth as a student. I don’t teach anything I haven’t already proven using my own body in my own practice. I will teach you to trust the wisdom you’ve already earned and use it to access even deeper levels of awareness using the body as your instrument and the practices as your template.

All it requires is your commitment to read the materials and do the practices.

There are no formal tests in this course because there is nothing to “study” in the traditional sense — in Yoga, if you practice correctly, there are myriad ways in which your body (both physical and subtle) does the learning for you.

You can take the course in the six weeks for which it is designed, or proceed at your own pace as your path dictates. There’s even an option to combine the course with personal 1:1 mentoring with me. The proof of your advancement will manifest as your experience of physical reality changes over time, until one day you awaken to realize that your Being has been completely transformed.

You can browse the Yoga Ignition curriculum here. See my teaching philosophy here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. (If it’s helpful to others, I may even add your inquiry to the FAQ page.) In the meantime I wish you a fruitful and joyful practice, and hope to see you soon on the mat.

Love and namaste, Rishika

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