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Yoga classes; New unlimited package

Yoga class practicing revolved triangle
Full house on Jan. 5, 2024

Hola yogis! I haven’t been posting as much here lately because most of my energy has been going toward the new Yoga Ignition course (sorry about that), but I do want to update you on a few things…

Monthly unlimited: First, I’m offering a new monthly unlimited package for those of you who practice with me at my home studio in El Sargento. The cost is 1800 pesos or 100 USD for one month of unlimited classes, plus a 50-peso discount on your drop-in if you practice with me on Tuesdays at Casa Tara Retreat.

PayPal option: Second, I accept PayPal for drop-ins, which can come in handy if you’ve forgotten your wallet or prefer to pay before you leave home to come to class. My PayPal address is rishikaanya (at) gmail dot com, or you can scan a code at class. My account will show up as “Meditation Teacher.” (People also sometimes ask about Venmo payments, but unfortunately Venmo doesn’t work in Mexico so without using a VPN, it’s not a reliable option.)

Bring a friend, get a class: Finally, as I mentioned at the beginning of the season, if you bring a friend to class with you, you earn a free class for yourself, so long as that friend has not practiced with me previously. (Limit one free class earned per class you attend.) Classes can be redeemed until the end of the season, and please remind me if you brought a friend and I owe you a class!

Wishing you a powerful practice and an abundant new year!

Love and namaste, Rishika


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