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The paradox of 'spiritual materialism'

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The universe is naturally abundant, and as spiritual Beings, we are too. A materialistic approach to manifestation will likely fail in part because it upholds the opposite of this fundamental truth.

In "law of attraction" circles, the word "manifestation" is often associated with creating wealth and its accompanying shiny objects. Some people have referred to this as "spiritual materialism." Pointing to money as evidence of the mechanism of manifestation is admittedly handy sometimes, because the results can be so obvious. But money is just an idea, a medium of energetic exchange that we necessarily deal with when living in a capitalist society.

And although seemingly effortless financial abundance can be a natural byproduct of working Intentionally with your thoughtforms, it should not be the goal. Furthermore, please understand that if accumulating material goods IS your goal, it will undermine the process.

Why? Because of something I call companion thoughtforms. Companion thoughtforms essentially represent the "flip side" of whatever you're trying to manifest, and they can be intensely self-reinforcing.

Keep in mind that we are always in two-way communication with the Vibrational Web that sustains our material reality. The Web sends signs and symbols that it is actively working with us, and we respond, intentionally or not, via our words, thoughts, subconscious assumptions, and actions. Just as body language can easily transmit information between two people, the way you think and behave communicates gestural "instructions" to the Vibrational Web about how you expect it to understand and treat you.

There's nothing wrong in wanting to experience "abundance"; we are naturally abundant from a spiritual standpoint. But if you focus intensely on creating "abundance," you automatically communicate/reinforce to the Vibrational Web that you conceive of yourself as being in some state of deprivation, and it will keep recreating that reality for you. The thoughtform of "abundance" automatically comes with a companion thoughtform of "lack." To the extent that you think and behave from an orientation of "lack," it will manifest more of that for you.

Similarly, a thoughtform of "dieting" comes with a companion thoughtform of "overweight." A thoughtform of "success" comes with a companion thoughtform of "failure," and so on.

This is why we must, for example, be generous with our money if we expect it to keep flowing to us. Spending and giving away money appropriately is a strong energetic gesture that affirms "I can easily afford this. There is always more." (The same is true of love, incidentally.)

The Vibrational Web doesn't judge, it simply responds. It doesn't decide who "gets lucky" and makes a big score financially (which can involve a whole other set of Karmic considerations, anyway, but that's another post) based on good behavior, or anything else. It is a dynamic, active mechanism that all of us are always interacting with. The goal of the thoughtform modality is to teach you to understand it, and do so Consciously for the highest good.

Meanwhile, while it's certainly possible to use thoughtforms in the service of spiritual materialism, doing so is not at all in the spirit of the ThoughtForm Workshop modality. This is a modality about discovering alignment and flow with the Creative forces of the Vibrational Web so that what you create is joyful and satisfying, and supports the highest possible expression of your Divine true nature.

Compare it to learning to drive a car: You can use your skills either to maneuver responsibly to your destination, or you can drive at high speed, weave recklessly through traffic and threaten everyone else on the freeway. This might provide a temporary thrill, but it contributes nothing to the higher good of yourself or anyone else.

In fact, if you follow this course and practice the techniques I describe, over time you will gradually reframe your experience of the physical world in such a way that the thoughtforms of abundance and wealth are transformed. You may discover you already were more abundant than you ever imagined; it was just your thoughtforms that were out of alignment. And as soon as that experiential thoughtform seats itself comfortably into your subconscious, what you experience as "wealth" will probably have absolutely nothing to do with the numbers in your bank account, the car in your driveway, or the labels in your clothes. ~Rishika


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