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Why meditation matters

If you want to manifest a higher reality for yourself, you must meditate. Full stop.

Meditation is like exercise in that we can easily find ways to avoid it or put it off until "tomorrow," but once established as a habit, it is self-reinforcing. One important way that my program differs from other manifestation modalities is in its emphasis on meditation -- which is why I include guided meditation tracks with the course. Those tracks are also available for individual download here, although for best results you should use them in tandem with the full course.

Bowling lanes with bumper guards.
So, manifestation is like spiritual bowling? Sure, why not?

People meditate for all sorts of reasons: stress reduction, self-realization and higher consciousness, healing, world peace and so forth, and it is invaluable for all of those purposes. The reason meditation is so critical to manifestation is because as humans, our powers of Divine creativity ultimately come from Source, as represented by our Higher Selves -- our human vessels are the instruments through which they are experienced and expressed.

So in order to shape our reality, we must bring our human self-expression into ever closer alignment with our Divine self-expression. That means attuning to and aligning with the frequency of our Divine true nature. Meditation is the best practice available for doing that.

To use a goofy metaphor, think of manifestation as a game of bowling. Your reality is waiting at the end of the lane, and if you're already a very skilled bowler, you may have little problem rolling a strike. But if you're a beginning manifestor, you might need some course correction to avoid the gutter (which is essentially ego). Meditation engages your Higher Self to act like those little pop-up guard rails -- it gently brings you back again and again to your center, showing you the cleanest, most direct path to your goal.

As I discuss in the course, the first step to successful manifestation is knowing what you want, and why you want it -- because your deepest, non-ego-based longings are also an expression of your Higher Self's desires for you. They are an expression of what Source wants to create through you, and if you operate from that understanding, manifestation becomes an almost magical journey. If instead you operate from a place of ego separation and -consciousness, it's like a kink in a garden hose, blocking the flow of Divine creativity that wants expression.

Sitting in meditation daily helps clarify those longings so that you can sort ego-expression from Divine self-expression, and begin to see clearly the paths and opportunities available to you. From that place of clarity, it becomes much easier make choices in alignment with your goals, and watch the seeds of your intention begin to flower.

Sometimes those choices aren't easy. If a situation or person in your life is blocking your flow of Divine creativity, meditation will tend to bring it to the surface, so it's also not a practice for the faint of heart. But as your practice deepens, meditation also will be there to provide support and solace if you find you need to make some life changes.

Finally, a committed meditation practice acts like a beacon to the Vibrational Web that says, "Here I am, a creative channel, open for business. Let's do this!" Source energy enthusiastically responds to and engages that willingness, and will reward it. Meditation also is an accelerator of manifestation, so it won't take long for the signs and precursors of the manifestation process to begin appearing in your environment, once you know what to look for.

To start, commit to a daily practice for one month, which should be long enough for the habit to take hold and begin reinforcing itself. A session of five to 10 minutes a day is enough, but you will likely find yourself wanting to lengthen your sessions as the mind quiets and you start to experience the benefits. My personal practice is 30 minutes a day -- twice a day if it feels appropriate and I have the time. You can simply sit in silence and let the mind rest, or use a guided meditation such as the free one I offer here. There are also several good meditation apps available (I like Insight Timer).

Be patient with yourself; all that's required is that you show up on your cushion or chair and sit with yourself. Trust that all good things are coming. ~Rishika


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