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The importance of trust

Parachutists leaping from aircraft.
That feeling when you dive into the unknown.

Remember the "trust fall"? It was -- maybe still is -- a team-building exercise that requires one member of a group to surrender to gravity and fall backward into the arms of the other members, hoping not to hit the ground. This is meant to build team cohesion and a sense among group members that they (literally) have each others' backs.

Manifestation requires a sort of metaphorical trust fall, except that the only team member is you, and you must trust that you are also the entire team, and that you will catch yourself. And yes, that can sometimes feel just as scary as it sounds.

When we wish to manifest a fresh reality for ourselves, there is necessarily a temporal delay between setting an intention and seeing results of that intention manifest into the physical. How long that delay lasts depends a number of factors that I cover in the course. Depending on the complexity of our requests, it may take weeks, months or even years to get from point A to point B, and during that interim there is usually plenty of room for doubt and disillusionment to creep in. When doubt shows up, it is more important than ever to affirm our trust in ourselves, in the Creative power and flow of the universe, and in Divine timing.

That's because the reality you seek already exists both as your thoughtforms, and as "template" on the Vibrational Web. Our physical world, being much heavier and slower, just needs some time to respond. And, to the extent that whatever you'd like to manifest represents a leap into the unknown for you, that "hang time" in between can feel more like a free fall.

Because everyone and everything is connected at a fundamental energetic level, the thoughtforms that you hold about yourself and what you expect to experience are always being "broadcast" to the Vibrational Web via your subconscious mind. Think of it as setting the "terms and conditions" of your physical experience. Because you are both an individual expression of the universe and the universe itself, what you believe and expect tells the rest of the universe "who you are." In a sense, the universe then says "all righty then!" and supports your expectations.

Therefore, if you believe yourself to be "capable," you broadcast that expectation to the "rest of yourself." If you affirm and broadcast abundance and love, those things will be reflected back to you increasingly over time. But if past experiences have taught you that life is not to be trusted, and deep down you hold a huge reservoir of doubt, guess what? Your experiences will tend to confirm that.

Changing the thoughtforms you hold about yourself and your experience isn't always easy, but trust that it can be done. Many of us were conditioned in childhood and/or through past disappointments to believe that we have little influence on the circumstances of our own lives (or conversely, that we have to double down on control and micro-manage every last detail to avoid disaster, which induces its own set of problems). But one thing we can always trust in is the present moment, because it is the only thing about our experience that is ultimately real. The present moment is constantly renewing itself, and this renewal is where the mechanism of manifestation operates. By noticing that our trust in the moment itself is never misplaced, we can begin to trust in and affirm the reliability of our experience, in and as the universe, as a whole.

One way to build trust in your creative ability is to notice and affirm the ways in which you're already using it. Use this moment to look around at -- and truly notice -- the people and situations you interact with daily; understand them to be products of the Creative Source that flows through you. Use this moment to offer sincere gratitude for everything gives you joy (I will often just glance skyward and say "I see you, thank you," with a gesture of namaskar). And if you notice aspects that trouble you, understand them to be the necessary context without which your joy could not be experienced, and offer thanks for them in that regard, as well.

Gratitude is a powerful feedback message to the Vibrational Web that says, in effect, "I see you, and I trust that you know what you're doing on my behalf; please keep it up." It amplifies your intention and "tunes" your creative vibration over time, bringing your thoughtforms and your experience into ever-better alignment with the Source that flows through you and is manifesting as you. Generally speaking, the stronger your ability to trust, the more likely (and more quickly) your intention will find its way into your physical experience. ~Rishika


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