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Gravity (a poem)

Supernova in space.
Love in disguise?

The muse arrived at dawn today, and she had some wisdom to share. She’s been hanging around a lot lately, in fact. If you’re a creative type, it’s worth noting that one happy outcome of practice is that as we clear away the clutter of old narratives and heavy crust of ego, it makes way for Logos to shine through. I love what my muse delivered this morning. I hope you enjoy.


A human is an amalgamation of energies flowing like lava ...

conceived, gathered into form

and held fast by Consciousness.  Acting as that Presence, we can wield our elements skillfully —

harden them into a sword, or

concentrate them with such intense heat

as to render out the pure Love

which is their fundamental nature

so that It may flow to its natural purpose

to melt and thereby incorporate all it encounters,

into Itself.

Scientists have yet to explain gravity

but I tell you it is simply this same Love which holds

electrons and planets

in their orbits. 

The force of the atom as it splits

is both its rage at the separation

and the love of its inner nature made manifest

whose beauty cannot be withstood

by such temporary whims

as matter. 

Of course it destroys. Let it destroy.

Destruction is not what you think.

Love will always destroy in the end, because illusion must evaporate

when confronted with the pure power

that is Love’s true face. 

The heat at the center of the Earth

is the same as that in the center of your heart

and in the moment you finally see this, you must melt. 

There is no other option; just melt.

~Namaste, Rishika



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