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Now featured on Insight Timer app

I'm pleased to announce my new offerings on the Insight Timer meditation tablet/smarphone app (which I have used to track my own meditation/yoga/pranayama hours for a couple of years now, and which I highly recommend).

If you haven't already tried the free downloadable guided meditation I offer here on the site, you can skip the whole checkout and download process and listen to it on Insight Timer, instead.

As of this writing, it's had several thousand listens and dozens of reviews for an average 96/100 rating (4.5 stars).

If you already have the app on your tablet or smartphone, just open it and search for "Rishika Anya." You can follow me on the app to be notified of new uploads. I've got several in development right now, including a meditation meant to be used while walking, and a finished recording that's awaiting approval as I write this ("The Art of Noticing," which is already available here if you can't wait that long).

Subscribe at the link in the upper right corner of this page to stay tuned as more tracks become available. Namaste, 🙏 ~Rishika



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