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Longing (a poem)

Hummingbird feeding from flowers.
When you understand Love as more than a simple emotion, you will begin to see it everywhere.

Once upon a time I envisioned myself as a poet, but poetry is a notoriously poverty inducing profession so I pursued journalism instead (there's a joke to be made there, somewhere). However, one side effect of working with manifestation and Awakening is that your creative juices start flowing much more easily.

We writers like to talk about the craft and discipline of writing, but there is much to be said for seizing those happy moments when the muse simply speaks. It's a prime opportunity to go with the flow, not just because creative flow is fun and satisfying and your natural state as a Divine Being, but because it's often one of the strongest precursive indicators that something you intend to manifest is on its way to you. :-)


A cloud knows no word for love, just the thrill of squeezing itself into raindrops that can know falling

The raindrop does not call it love, just a duty to dive down into the darkness where roots crave its coming

Roots don’t think about love, yet sigh as they reach to gather the water that helps swell the flower

The flower can’t contemplate love, but seeks the sweet sun and offers its tribute in fragrance and nectar

The nectar does not want for love, but the plunge of the hummingbird’s tongue puts an end to its waiting.

Namaste, Rishika


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