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The physics of 'love at first sight'

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

How many times have you sensed that you knew a person from somewhere, though both of you claim never to have met? Notwithstanding the fact that we’re all connected, is it possible that you do in fact recognize each other’s energetic signatures from a parallel quantum field, a parallel universe or lifetime, which creates an inexplicable resonance in the present reality?

Mutual recognition.
Do I know you from another dimension?

Does this potentially explain the phenomenon some call “love at first sight”? And could it be one of the mechanisms that drives the feeling of falling in love — that it is an experience of the Divine pleasure of lining up with another energetic being with whom you are already sharing one or more realities elsewhere?

We already commonly describe love using the language of unity, of harmony, of completion, of melding. Perhaps the sheer force of that which we call love is actually the overwhelming harmonic resonance that happens when multiple

lives/universes/possibilities involving two souls all sync together at once. And maybe the ultimate love, the unfathomable power of Divine Love, is so fierce and beautiful beyond description precisely because it encompasses all possibilities among all energetic beings in all possible manifestations across all “time” — in a way that a human brain cannot comprehend in an unenlightened state and possibly not even then?

But because the subtle senses we don’t know how to use are (for most of us) still operating in the background, we are limited to experiencing this love more as a relentless pull, a pulsating impulse toward unity. You meet someone who just "feels familiar," as though you've known each other all along. Your conversational rhythms sync, you inexplicably recognize their body language and seem to know their thoughts before they've spoken.

Maybe it's not your imagination, at all -- you just already know each other in another dimension.


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