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A little secret about manifestation

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Think of your subconscious beliefs about reality as the center of the web. What ever lives there vibrates out to the universe and creates more of itself.

So here's a little secret about manifestation. Although we are each manifesting our reality continuously, the creative "mechanism" behind our manifestation exists mostly at the subconscious level. It's those deeply held beliefs about what is "possible" -- all of which we've adopted since infancy based on our experiences and what we've been taught, that set the "terms and conditions" for our experience.

Believe, perceive, receive. You have to believe something exists before you can perceive it. Once you perceive its existence, you can work with it.

For example, someone who grew up in poverty may have no idea what having "enough" money would even feel like. That person may experience a reality in which money is scarce or difficult to obtain in part because they have internalized those "terms and conditions" of what money is, how it works, who has it, and whether it is available to them on a dependable basis. Those thoughtforms have been internalized and lodged in the subconscious, where they continue to vibrate and recreate that reality again and again.

And because the thoughtforms that set the "terms and conditions" of the reality we experience exist mostly at the subconscious level, we have to become aware of them, and then work with aligning our subconscious beliefs, conscious awareness, and behavior in order to get everything humming in sync. Once that happens, manifestation becomes far less passive and more of a beautiful co-choreographed dance with the Intelligent, Creative energy that is always manifesting through us.

Once the thoughtform of "money" is understood differently, and that new thoughtform replaces the old one that held it to be elusive, a person's financial experience will start to change.

Meditation is a powerful tool for working with these concepts. When we sit in silence and remove ourselves from as much sensory input as possible -- when we allow all the mental chatter about our daily experience to pipe down for a while -- what bubbles up into the open space of our awareness will necessarily come from either the subconscious/unconscious mind or from that Intelligent, Creative Source.

It's an excellent idea to keep a journal handy in your meditation space to jot down notes about any new insights after you sit, before they evaporate into the ether. If you notice something coming up that's in direct opposition to what you want to create with your intention, immediately record its opposite as an affirmation. To use my example above, if you notice that you habitually view money as a scarce commodity that must be chased, you might write "money is just one medium of energetic exchange and it is always available to me" -- then post it somewhere that ensures you'll see it regularly. Over time you will modify the "terms and conditions" of your subconscious mind and begin broadcasting those new expectations to the Vibrational Web for "processing" into the physical.

Happy manifesting! ~Rishika

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