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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment (Usui/Tibetan)

Relax, Soothe and Balance Your Energies

Reiki can be thought of as pure Divine Source energy which is transmitted via a practitioner directly to the client to balance, cleanse, soothe and support healing in the physical and subtle bodies. Research shows Reiki to be an effective adjunct to conventional Western medicine and it is used in some hospitals as a complementary therapy. 


As a level II practitioner of Usui/Tibetan Reiki, I am able to work with you either in person at your location, or at a distance (Reiki is limited by neither time nor space). For in-person treatments I incorporate elements of aromatherapy, chakra stimulation and sound as well.


Recipients generally experience deep relaxation along with possible sensations of warmth, tingling and energy movement (similar to an acupuncture experience but without the needles). Reiki is inherently intelligent and always works for the recipient's highest good. Contact me for more information and scheduling.


Please note: Distance treatments do require an appointment, and for you to create an appropriate environment for yourself in which to relax comfortably for the duration of the treatment.

Reiki session price: $75. US ($50. for distance Reiki)

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