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Spiritual Support and Guidance

Support for those in Awakening and Kundalini Process

We are all born with the capacity to realize our Divine True Nature. The ultimate purpose of the eight-limbed system of Yoga, of which asana (the physical postures) is just one limb, is to prepare both the physical and subtle bodies (mental/emotional and energetic) to be able to sustain higher states of Consciousness. 

This process is initiated and directed by Kundalini Shakti, a concentrated Divine energy which lies dormant at the base of the spine until activated in a practitioner who is "ripe" for spiritual Awakening. Kundalini Shakti then guides the Awakening Yogi through a sophisticated process of transformation at every level of Being.

Because Western culture focuses so heavily on our experience in the material realm, it typically does not prepare us adequately for the ego shock of Awakening, which introduces specific challenges to the psyche and even the physical body.

Support in the form of a spiritual helper or guide can be extraordinarily useful for making the experience of Awakening more comprehensible, comfortable and efficient. Ultimately the dynamics and rate of our spiritual progress are determined by Kundalini Shakti Herself, and in accordance our Karma, but we can assist Her with our sincere devotion, cooperation and right intention. 

If this speaks to you, I offer sessions both in person and remotely. Sessions start at $40 US per hour but I will consider financial need where appropriate. Enter your information below to download a short, no-obligation questionnaire (printable .pdf format) to help you decide whether one-on-one support may be helpful to you on your path. Or inquire via the Contact page.

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