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FAQ: ThoughtForms 101

You may have heard that 

thought shapes Reality.

This is how it works.

What is a ThoughtForm?

At the most basic level, absolutely everything is a ThoughtForm. You are a ThoughtForm, created by you and sustained by both your and others' observations of "you." Time and Space are ThoughtForms, mutually sustained by those of us who use them to sustain our perception of third-dimensional, physical reality.

Well that sounds pretty woo-woo and esoteric. Why should I care?

Each of us is continuously co-creating our experience of physical reality using ThoughtForms, whether we know it or not. (This idea is sometimes expressed as the "law of attraction," which states that "like attracts like" and that "the Universe" will respond to your intention.) 

But that's a gross oversimplification, a little like saying that if you want to cook a gourmet meal, all you have to do is collect certain ingredients and put them together. Without a detailed understanding of food chemistry, flavor balancing, knife skills and many other factors, the dish you end up with may not even resemble something edible. 

So a lot of us are setting intentions and going through rituals of trying to manifest using crystals or affirmations or a variety of other methods to magically produce an outcome, without understanding the underlying dynamics of the process. While these things may be helpful as forms of reinforcement, if we don't understand the way intention interacts with the Vibrational Web, it's like trying to find our way to a destination without a reliable map.

Then we may end up in disappointment, and entirely reject the notion of Consciously creating our reality. We disempower ourselves by concluding that we have to exert extreme effort to "make" life happen, or wait for "luck" to allow it to happen "to" us.

Is it some kind of magic?

It may seem that way at first. But what we're really doing is developing a new way of seeing so that we can work with the dynamics of the Vibrational Web as it interacts with physical Reality instead of against them. It's a program of specific methods that help us frame our requests to the Universe so that we don't accidentally work against our own interests. It also helps understand when our Intentions are manifesting in ways we didn't Consciously intend, so that we may get back on track.

The Universe is Conscious, and it sometimes takes requests quite literally. So we need to frame our intentions with care. This course will show you how to do that. 

Can I manifest results with in a specific time frame? What if, say, I need a certain sum of money by next week?

That's a tricky one, and the short answer is "not usually, but it does happen." (For one thing, Time as we understand it is also a ThoughtForm. For another, what may look like an instantaneous manifestation may in fact be an Intention we didn't realize we'd set in motion much earlier.) 

The amount of time required for an outcome to manifest depends on the complexity and specificity of the request, and how dependent the outcome is on outside factors such as other people's free will. The Vibrational Web is managing an infinite number of requests, some conflicting, at any given time, and numerous factors must be aligned for a final product to manifest.

So manifesting, say, a suitable romantic partner will require more time than manifesting something related to launching a business. The time window from intention to outcome can range from "right now" to years. This is all discussed in the course.

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