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Akashic Records clearing/Soul Realignment

Change your Karma, change your life

Soul Realignment acknowledges that we are all Divine beings, experiencing ourselves as human expressions of the great creative energy that drives the universe. When that energy flows freely, we manifest our intentions with ease. When life force energy is constricted, however, things flow less easily and we may find ourselves blocked -- in career, relationships, self-actualization. 

I consult the Akashic Records to uncover your Soul’s Divine gifts, Karmic history and any blocks and restrictions that may be interfering with your expression in this lifetime. We then clear any blockages to enable the free flow of energy once again, and reinforce them by identifying future choices in alignment with your Soul's highest expression.

I will prepare your reading offline, then present the findings to you in a 45- to 60-minute session via Skype/Facetime, phone, or in person if local. You may receive additional instructions ("the homework") to follow for 21 days afterward in order to reinforce our clearing work.

Cost: $195. USD, payable when you select your reading time. Readings may be rescheduled but because each reading requires 2 to 4 hours of my time to prepare, payment is nonrefundable.

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