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Akashic Records Clearing: What is it?

Feeling blocked? Confronting the same life lessons over and over? The solutions may lie in your past life influences and resulting "Karmic load."

Because time as we understand it does not truly exist outside the third dimension, successful manifestation can be blocked by factors from previous lives -- including outstanding or outdated Karma as the result of specific choices our Souls may have made long ago. Akashic Records clearing is a modality we can use to uncover and clear any interference that may be affecting your ability to manifest your intentions in your present lifetime.

How do I recognize past-life blocks?

Blocking factors from previous lives can show up most simply as a frustrating inability to create experiences of abundance, love, and an overall sense of fulfillment and joy. If despite your best efforts, you keeping "hitting walls" in career, health, partnership, finances or other areas that are important to you, past life issues are worth investigating. Once we identify them, we can clear such dynamics from the Akashic Records, allowing Source energy to flow freely so that your Soul may manifest your experience as originally intended.

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What are the Akashic Records? 

“Akasha” is the Sanskrit word for “Sky,” and the Akashic Records are the vast universal energetic database that records, essentially, everything that’s every happened for your Soul and every other. The Universe and everything in it are energy- and information-based, and the Records (while not a physical location) are "where" this information is stored.

All of us have access to this database at all times; we participate in creating the Records via the Karma we generate while making choices in physical reality. However, our connection is mostly at the subconscious level. (If our conscious brains had to worry about interacting with the records 24/7, we’d never get anything done!)

As Souls, we have been making choices over our many lives as we have created our physical experiences. Some of those choices were “positive,” or in alignment with our divine gifts and integrity, and some were “negative” or opposed to those gifts and integrity. (“Negative” in this modality should never be regarded as “bad,” because we all possess free will, as our Designer intended.)

The Universe is an intelligent, creative force, and it wants to manifest that creative energy through/as you! The good news is that we can begin make new choices that change our Karma instantly and realign us with what our Soul desires for us. We simply need to understand what requires clearance, and where to focus our efforts.

What to expect from your reading

Schedule your reading/clearing using the online booking tool. Please choose a reading time and date at least one week from today, in order to allow time for me to prepare your reading -- a process that can require several hours, depending on the complexity of your Soul's situation.

In order to prepare your reading I also will need:

  • Date/time of reading and your delivery preference (Skype, FaceTime, or Phone). I will confirm these details in a follow-up message

  • Your full name at birth

  • Your date of birth

  • Your place of birth

I require this information only so as not to confuse your record with that of someone with the same name; it will not be used for any other purpose. See my privacy policy for details. 

~Full payment is due at the time of booking.~

During your reading: First I will cover your Soul’s unique strengths and gifts, then any blocks and restrictions that may be currently manifesting as a result of Karmic choices made in your present or past lives.

If you have a particular issue or roadblock in your life that you would like to address, feel free to mention that either in advance, or during the reading. This can help with drilling down to the source of a particular issue. Please also feel free to ask any questions as we go through the reading. You may wish to take notes.

After your reading, I will initiate energetic clearing work on your behalf, and will send you a personalized practice to help reinforce and maintain your clearing going forward. 

Follow-up questions: If you have any additional questions after your reading, whether for clarification or just something you forgot to mention, please send them to me no later than 24 hours after the initial reading. When working with multiple clients, it’s easy for me to forget the specifics of your Soul's situation.  

In love, namaste,


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