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When the Vibrational Web 'shows off'

VW Westfalia campervan in the wilderness.
If you've owned one, you know: A Westy is a both a mechanical and an emotional commitment.

Even if you're a student of non-duality -- the underlying truth that all is One, and that any idea of separation between you, me and the lamppost is a delusion of the senses/mind -- it's still easy to forget sometimes. It's easy to slip back into old habits of attributing good fortune to "luck" or to the striving of the ego.

We may even feel "separate" despite having experienced ourselves repeatedly as the creators of our own reality. So I've written about how important it is to trust that the Vibrational Web is always busy arranging circumstances "on your behalf."

It's true, too, that when we get a little stressed out, we either stop noticing or disregard the signs and symbols the Universe delivers to us. We may inadvertently pay less attention, and that makes us less skilled as interpreters of our situation.

But I experienced a fun reminder over the weekend of just how powerfully the process of manifestation works.

I wanted to sell my late-80s Vanagon Westfalia pop-top camper -- and to be honest, I wasn't 100% confident I would be able to make it happen in the week I had available, especially considering some known and potentially unknown mechanical issues. For most owners, including me, owning a Westy is a genuine emotional commitment. They require a certain level of TLC and a willingness to tinker that new cars never demand. Ideally, you also need access to a talented Westy mechanic for backup -- something I no longer had and part of the reason for the sale.

So I needed just the right buyer.

Enter Craigslist, that great facilitator of the Vibrational Web. My ad included "full disclosure" of my level of confidence in her roadworthiness, which was something less than total. After a few inquiries, a serious buyer emerged, and within a few days he and his wife had driven 70 miles to my driveway, and were checking her out. My ears perked up because he kept saying "I don't know what it is about this one," and they already had that "look of love" on their faces.

"This one just kept calling to me," he said. "I don't know why. I've been looking at other ads for the same van that were twice the price ... but for some reason, I just saw the ad for this one and I couldn't stop thinking about it." I knew the reason, but I just smiled. "Yeah, I think this is the one." We made a deal, and they went to the bank to withdraw cash (in the meantime, I googled "how to spot counterfeit currency" -- trust but verify, yes?).

When they returned they handed me a 4-inch-thick wad of bills and we closed the deal. The Westy's new owners drove off smiling, and I sat there delighted and a little stunned, but not surprised. The sale -- in just 5 days -- had been so easy that I wondered why I'd even worried about it.

In my course, I stress the importance of *actively* noticing when the Vibrational Web delivers something you've intended, and then expressing your sincere gratitude. Gratitude "seals the deal" and invites even more synchronicity into your life. You can express a gesture of gratitude in any way that is meaningful to you, as long as it's some version of "yes, I see you (Universe), and I thank you. More of this, please."

The buyer's repeated statements of my van "calling to him" was a sign from the Vibrational Web that it had connected us. The giant wad of cash in my hand was a literal demonstration of abundance and corresponded to thoughtforms I had been generating recently of cash being handed to me.

"Showoff," I said out loud, gazing upward. "I see you. I thank you. That was amazing. More like that, please."

Happy manifesting. ~Rishika


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