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Into the Mystery podcast is now live!

What happens when two brainy spiritual teachers get together to discuss the mysteries of Reality? My good friend and cohost Adi Vajra and I decided to find out, and we serve up the results in our new weekly podcast, “Into the Mystery.”

In the first episode “On Awakening,” we explore the phenomenon of spiritual awakening -- the intense and ultimately lifelong process that leads us from “default reality” to Self-Realization, or what some people refer to as Enlightenment.

Click here to listen: Into the Mystery Ep. 1: On Awakening.

On deck for Episode 2 next week: “God: The Forbidden Word.” Yep, we’re going to go there. Hands and feet inside the vehicle.

If you have any Big Questions of your own that you’d like us to take a crack at, do let us know! You can contact me here, or connect with Adi via his website. We’d love to hear from you.



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