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Finding your manifestation 'map'

Compass resting on a map.
Society tells us all kinds of things about "where" to find fulfillment, but those may have nothing to do with what our Souls really want. Creating your new reality begins when you align with your inner GPS.

We're always manifesting our reality whether we know it or not, and if there's a common factor among those of us who pursue higher consciousness, it's deep sense that many things we once worked so hard to create are out of sync with who we really are, or turned out to be somehow not what we really wanted.

We sense that we've been duped, and all kinds of dysfunction and unhappiness can arise from that disappointment, from midlife crises to addictive behavior, despair, relationship breakdowns and worse.

"Duped" is a good word for it, because when we style our lives purely for the admiration and approval of others, or because we're seeking a sense of safety and predictability, what results may have nothing to do with what our Higher Self came here to create. The roadmap we trusted was faulty, and so we kept trying to follow other people's paths instead of our own, and found ourselves teetering at the edge of an abyss.

In a way, by trusting that roadmap rather than our inner knowing, we duped ourselves (for what it's worth, it helps to scream into a pillow when this realization finally hits home).

The practice of conscious manifestation involves realigning your path with your inner wisdom; harmonizing your intentions/actions with your own Soul's map, which may well look like nothing like anyone else's. When the thoughtforms you wish to manifest are the same as those your Higher Self wants for you, the resonance is so powerful that the Vibrational Web can't help but more quickly and enthusiastically to bring your creation into reality. You will feel it in the sense of well-being that arises as you take step after step toward your own True North, and you will see it in the synchronicities and signposts that pop up to guide you along the way.

Discovering that harmony is, for most of us, the tricky part; which is why daily meditation is so essential to the process. As you return again and again to your deepest inner knowing, to the wisdom that waits in the silence within, the more you incorporate that wisdom into your waking awareness -- and the more it helps to both recognize and act appropriately on the opportunities that appear for you on the path toward your highest Self-expression.

This awareness becomes your new map, your inner GPS. It is the means by which Creative Source moves through you and as you in order to experience the joy of Being.

Rule No. 1 in ThoughtForm Workshop is to "Know what you want, and know why you want it." This free guided meditation can help you discover just what your Higher Self came here to create. ~Rishika


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